Ken Workman

About Ken

Early Life


A native of Ottawa, Canada, Ken Workman was raised on the vinyl sounds of roots and began singing at age 11 in a Choir and quickly fell in love with music and wanted to learn more. He picked up his first guitar at age 15 and enrolled in lessons. Even after the removal of part of his lung at 17, Ken never lost his desire to sing. Having only one lung has never slowed him down to this day.

Music Man

 "Workman's smoky, whiskey soaked voice - very much like Steve Earle without the twang, a little Tom Cochrane energy, and Gordon Lightfoot sentiment - all the soul and genuine commitment to the craft of a songwriter."


Live Life in Song

 "Tones of blue collar struggle and working-poor values line songs that breathe to life tastefully crafted melodies. A true roots-rock experience with a hint of pop, his live show demonstrates dynamics that can reduce a room to silence or fill a dance floor by exploding with a driving beat. His songs unite a heart full of emotion and a memory full of experiences of a working class childhood."

Contact Ken


Phone: (613) 809-4600